Unforgettable moments in the nature

Summer Holiday

Just relax and enjoy the Finnish summer. If you want to spend your holiday as the Karelians do, then there is no better way than to rent a holiday cottage.

There is a wide range of locations and comforts. There is something for everyone: from exclusive villas to wilderness huts. You can choose, for example, a basic cottage surrounded by beautiful nature or you can treat yourself to all the conveniences and luxuries you could possibly imagine.

The summer cottage offers unforgettable moments for traveler. Is there a better idea to spend a summer evening than have a sauna after swimming? Or just relax and enjoy peaceful nature around you. 

Summer Holiday

Everyman's right

In Finland we have so called everyman’s right which applies to anyone living or staying in Finland. It means that everyone can use nature areas (forests, wetlands, lakes and rivers) free of charge regardless of who owns the area.Everyman’s right does not cover private yards and areas, you must also respect a domestic privacy. By using everyman’s right must not cause any disturb for other people, animals or environment.

To but it briefly, you may walk, ski or cycle freely except in other people’s yards and cultivated areas or fields. Temporary camping is allowed in areas accessible under everyman’s right. You can pick up berries, mushrooms and flowers, to angle or ice fish and to use bodies of water for passage and other activities including ice-covered water areas in winter.

Open fires, for example campfire, can not be lit without permission of the landowner. Usually there are marked places for lighting fires in recreation and camping areas. Under forest fire warning, it is forbidden to light open fires in or near a forested area.

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Everyman's right


A cottage provides an excellent base from which to travel around the fishing grounds of Karelia.

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Give the gift of a cottage holiday in North Karelia!

The gift certificate can be redeemed at any VisitKarelia holiday cottage and is valid for a period of one year from the date of burchase. And of course you can yourself deside the value of the gift certificate.

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